White Maiden, February 7 2018

This is a pdf file of a climb to the peak of White Maiden in the Lake District of England in February 2018. The occasion was the scattering of the ashes of my Cousin Roy, who had died suddenly last October. One of his passions was fell walking in this beautiful part of England so we felt that this would be a fitting resting place in the countryside that he loved.

Six of us – two cousins, a friend of Roy’s from age 5, and 3 ex-work mates – made the journey to say farewell to a dear friend.

Obviously this will be of interest primarily to those of us there and some other friends and family but it may be of a little broader interest for those interested in walking and in the geography of Northern England. Certainly anyone is free to read and, if they do, we hope that they find something of interest.




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