South Africa, November 2014

November 12. We arrived in Cape Town last night for a three week trip to South Africa. The first week we are staying in the home of our nephew in Bantry Bay, which is on the Atlantic Coast just outside the city of Cape Town. We have just had breakfast served (!) on the deck (one of several) on a beautiful sunny morning. Hopefully there will be several posts from our stay here as well as a driving trip we will take later. We also plan to visit Namibia for a three day visit. Everyone we have spoken to says it is a beautiful country so we are looking forward to that.

Cape Town Villa

In the meantime, to get started – and to make you totally envious – here are a few pictures (link to the short .pdf file below)  taken at our current address. We really are very lucky to be able to visit such places – and to have a very generous nephew!

Molly and Bob

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