Have you heard of the Gentlemen Gouffers of Gargunnock?


No, neither had we until very recently when we found out that our son-in-law is one! We have always known that he was a little different but thought that marrying our daughter might help. Not only did that not work (at least in the first 25 years so far), but we have now found out that there are five other Gargunnocks – all friends of Chris and, it appears, just as different (crazy?)

All six are planning to hit a golf ball (or perhaps several hundred golf balls) across Scotland this summer. They have selected the narrowest part of the country in which to perform this feat but it still seems a daunting task. The fact that it has never been done before must say something about its difficulty – or perhaps it simply underscores the craziness of the idea.

On the other hand – and the reason for this post – Chris and his friends have BIG HEARTS. In addition to enjoying five days of “golf” together (and maybe even a celebratory pint or two) they have dedicated their adventure to a wonderful charity. It’s one that we became aware of a few years ago and we have become good friends with the founders, Scott and Kathy, and have met their wonderful family.

So, we would like you to visit www.gargunnock.com and find out a little more about the Foundation and about the Gargunnocks – and, if you are so inclined, consider a donation to this cause. At the very least, a visit to the web site should provide you with a little entertainment – and convince you to stay well clear of the South of Scotland at the end of next month.

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