England, June & July 2015

Greetings from England and the view from “our” living room window!



We are in our last week of a two month visit to Europe and are headed home next Monday (August 3). The majority of our time has been spent at our nephew’s apartment in Ilkley in Yorkshire but we have had three “side” trips during that period.

While in England we celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary and had a number of events to commemorate the occasion. We had a dinner with most of our English family and friends, Molly and I visited the hall where our wedding reception had been held, we were treated to a night in one of the finest hotels in Britain (our nephew Mark, again) and we spent four days in Northumberland (on the border with Scotland) with our friends Keith and Zena, who also celebrated fifty years together in June. Each of these have been detailed in blogs posted on this site over the past few weeks.

Just last Thursday we returned from a week long visit to Italy – four nights in Venice and four in Florence. These are two of our favorite cities in the world and Italy is certainly near the top of countries we like to visit. This trip was at least the sixth time we have visited these beautiful cities so we were under no “obligation” to visit every tourist site. This was perhaps as well since the weather was very hot and sunny (95F/35C and higher every day) so we limited our sightseeing to about five hours a day. Evening meals generally took another 2 to 3 hours (as is typical in Europe) so we managed to fill our days and had a very pleasant time.

The rest of the time in Ilkley has been spent in much the same way as our many previous visits – a number of which have been covered in blogs and in e-mails posted in the past. Molly walked into town to do a little shopping on most days and Bob either walked or cycled in the beautiful countryside. The weather has been very nice in general and rarely has rain got in the way of our planned activities.


Typical scenery on my walks…….



….. and a typical path to get there!












Molly also had time with her siblings and we had several meals with friends and family in the local area. Again, one of the benefits of returning so frequently is that we are under no pressure to “do something every day”; as we often say, it is just like living at home but in a different country. We are very fortunate.

For those interested, there are posted blogs as I have outlined above (as well as one covering a local cycle race!) and eventually this site will contain the more detailed journals of the entire two month vacation. If you take a look, we hope you enjoy what you see.

Molly and Bob

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