North America Road Trips

North America Road Trips

As part of our interest in travel, we have made a number of road trips within the United States and parts of Canada. In many cases these trips placed an emphasis on scenery and were often taken with friends and family visitors from England. Hence we have made a number of trips crisscrossing all of the western states and, incidentally, making excellent use of our Golden Age pass for entry to the many National Parks.

However, we have made several road trips that were of a more specific nature along routes of historical interest or of special significance to the growth of the country. We were inspired to these via the book “Road Trip USA: Cross-Country Adventures on America’s Two-Lane Highways”, which we would highly recommend for anyone thinking about similar trips.

Many of these road trips have found their way into journals that are currently in our library (shelf and/or computer) and in varying degrees of length and detail. All are our observations and impressions captured at the time and, although corroborated by some degree of Google research, are not intended as authoritative works but more as “vacation photograph albums with words”.

We are slowly getting these into a form that can be captured on this web site and thus be more readily available for anyone interested or curious. In the meantime we have compiled a list (in no particular order of chronology or importance) of those trips that we have particularly enjoyed and which (when the title turns blue) will be linked here.


US Route 66 (from Los Angeles to Amarillo only- approximately half its length)

The Lewis and Clark Trail – Part 1 from St Louis to Montana

– Part 2 from Montana to the Pacific Ocean

US Route 50 (The Loneliest Road) –Part 1 from Sacramento, CA to Cincinnati

Part 2 from Cincinnati to Ocean Beach, MD

US Route 93 (Canadian Border to Mexican Border) – Canadian Border to Phoenix

The National Road (US Route 40) – a short stretch through central Ohio

The Great Lakes via Michigan, Ontario, Minnesota and Wisconsin

From Los Angeles to Sacramento via Death Valley

The Southern States via Tennessee, the Carolinas, New Orleans, the Gulf Coast, St Augustine, Savannah and Charleston

And, as we said………………

The Western United States and many National Parks in a number of trips:

Denver, CO to San Francisco, CA via Rocky Mountains, Salt lake City, Utah Canyonlands, Grand Canyon, Pacific Coast Highway (2013)

Vancouver, BC to San Francisco, CA via Seattle, Olympic Peninsula, Mt Hood, Columbia River, Crater Lake, Redwoods (2012)

Northern California and Oregon – Redwoods, Crater Lake, Mt Hood, Columbia River (2011)

Salt Lake City, UT to Seattle, WA via Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Sun Valley, Columbia River, Mt Hood, Mt St Helens (2011)





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