Japan, Spring 2016 (2)


We have just completed another six days of touring and sightseeing in Japan and are now in the Japanese Alps. This is the height of the cherry blossom season so every tourist destination has had lots of local and foreign visitors. Despite that we have enjoyed some amazing scenery, beautiful gardens, historical buildings and some interesting (!) food.

Here is a pdf file of those past six days.    Japan Blog 2

We have been very pleasantly surprised by everything we have seen and hope that the pictures and description give you some idea of this beautiful country which now must go into our “top five” list.

For those of you have read past blogs, you will no doubt have noted typo and some more important errors (Certainly Molly has when she has read them). I rationalize that it’s a result of putting them together in haste at the end of a long day of sightseeing. Whatever the case, I am sure that the blogs from Japan will have errors in spades as the place names, etc are not only unusual to Westerners but after a while they begin to “run together”. Hope you enjoy anyway.

Bob and Molly

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