About Tykes Abroad

This is a site created in 2014 to cover the activities of Bob and Molly Hillery and has the somewhat unusual name of “Tykesabroad.com”. It has nothing to do with small children – except perhaps in an occasional reference to grandchildren.

“Tykes” is a name given to those lucky enough to have been born in the County of Yorkshire in England and hence applies to my wife and me. The word “abroad” can have the rather narrow definition of “being outside one’s home country” but can – and will in this case – cover almost any activity by these two Tykes, whether at home (currently Ohio, USA), in exotic lands around the globe or even when visiting their native country and city. So, the term may include the following definitions, courtesy of Oxford Dictionaries (The Oxford University Press);

  • in or to a foreign country or countries: we usually go abroad for a week in May
  • in different directions; over a wide area: millions of seeds are annually scattered abroad
  • archaic, out of doors: few people ventured abroad from their warm houses

And, hopefully not too often:

  • archaic, wide of the mark; in error:

On almost all our trips, Molly and I record our daily activities, primarily as a memory jogger for the future or a reference when we repeat a destination. These notes range in length from a couple of sentences, to a paragraph or even a page or two, depending on the activities and the degree of interest prompted by our sightseeing. In recent years, I have often sent periodic e-mails (to those who have expressed an interest) covering perhaps a few days or a week of our vacation in a significantly abbreviated form.

On our return home, I will often “marry” the full version of the daily record with selected photographs taken during the trip and print a paper copy. We refer to these as our “Journals” and they are produced primarily for our own consumption. Occasionally a copy will be read by others, but for the most part they sit gathering dust on what is now about five feet of shelving in my office.

It is hoped that the creation of this site will perform two main functions:

  • The posts (under the menu heading BLOGS) will replace the e-mails that have been sent to interested parties in the past and will be archived on the site.
  • The full JOURNALS will also be available on the site, primarily as an archive for our own use but available for anyone with the time and inclination to scan or read them.

In addition, we have included an OTHER POSTS page for which we have no specific plans at the moment but which may be used to cover non-travel or perhaps family related activities.

How well we succeed in these goals remains to be seen and I am still more than a little uncertain as to how it will all work. Hopefully as I learn more about the management of a web site things will improve. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy any and all that you access and would be interested in any comments.


March 10, 2014


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