The Rambler’s Fairway: A Gouffer’s Odyssey

In 2017, our son-in-law and five other :fifty-year-olds” decided to golf across Scotland. Literally! Not by playing golf course all across the country but by hitting the ball from coast to coast across fields, roads, gardens, up hills, across rivers and………………. well, wherever it landed.

This book is the strory of that epic journey, which as far as can be ascertained, was a World First. Although it is the account of a golfing vacation, it may be of interest to those not necessarily familiar with, nor enamored by, the game itself. That is certainly true of the author!

It may be a little cumbersome to read as a pdf file, but the pictures are nice!

GGG Golfing Aross Scotland pages 1 to 150

GGG Golfing Aross Scotland Pages 151 to end


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