From Sea to Shining Sea

As many friends and family know, I have talked for years about the possibility of cycling across the United States. In fact, this has been a “dream” ever since completing the End to End in Britain over 25 years ago. Route maps have been bought and studied and there is a file on my computer entitled “TransAmerica Planning”.

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, that journey has not taken place and it seems unlikely that I will ever achieve that particular goal.

However, a colleague of mine from GE is about to start that journey and I now have a chance to take that trip vicariously via his blogs. He has kindly allowed me to place a link on this site so that others too may follow along. Whether cycling is a passion of yours or not, I am sure that his writings will be of interest to many. In addition to the challenge of the ride itself, Robert is collaborating with the University of Cincinnati to do a little social research as he meets people along his route and will be reporting on those findings from time to time. This can only add to the travelogue as he pedals his way through Americana.

You can access his blogs at here. ENJOY!



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