England, New Year 2014

England, New Year 2014

As we have for the past several years, we left (relatively warm) Ohio shortly after Christmas to spend New Year and into mid-February in England. We once again stayed at the apartment that our nephew owns in Ilkley, Yorkshire so we were both returning to our “Tykes” roots.

As usual, our daily activities while we are in the apartment are not too different from those we enjoy at home in Ohio: meeting friends and relatives, walking, local shopping (this is a little different) and, of course, almost daily visits to a coffee shop and plenty of evenings out at local restaurants.

Bob went on walks almost every day and covered much of the beautiful countryside in the area. He was joined on three occasions by our niece, Joanne, and once by his sister, Dorothy. Molly walked into town most days to visit the shops, the library or just for the exercise.

We had New Year’s Eve dinner with our friends Keith and Zena, who then promptly left England for a six weeks visit to (much warmer) South Africa. Molly’s brother Robert visited us from London for a few days and we were able to see most of our other relatives during the stay. So, stays in Ilkley are very pleasant and don’t have the urgency to “see everything we can” that so many other vacations do.

Since we have sent e-mails in the past of our visits here, we will leave it at that for this post. Suffice it to say that the weather in Ilkley was much warmer than the winter conditions experienced in Ohio – and indeed over much of the US – although parts of the United Kingdom did suffer from torrential rains, high winds and flooding.

We returned to Ohio on February 12 to mountains of snow and, as it turned out, another month or more of a bitterly cold and snowy winter.


The view from “our” Ilkley apartment

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