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Israel Day 5; The Old City revisited

Today (Sunday) we had no tour commitments today left for our walking tour of the Old City about 10am. Our first stop was at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher where we hoped to get into the chapel built over the site of Jesus’ tomb. The crowds had thwarted us a few days ago and …

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Israel, Days 3 and 4; Bethlehem and Jericho

On our third day we took a half day trip to nearby Bethlehem. For this we had to cross into the Palestinian controlled sector of the West Bank and our Israeli driver had to be supplemented by a Palestinian guide once we crossed the checkpoint. Our driver told us that he is issued a special …

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Israel, Day 2: Massada and the Dead Sea

On our second day in Israel we took a full day tour to Massada, a Roman fortress of immense importance to the Jews on a mountain overlooking the Dead Sea. Jerusalem is at an elevation of about 2500 feet above (Mediterranean) sea level but our initial destination today was the lowest place on earth – …

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Israel Day 1; The Church of the Holy Sepulcher and Stations of the Cross

On our first full day in Jerusalem we walked the 15 minutes or so from our hotel to the Jaffa Gate, one of several entrances to the Old City. Old Jerusalem (walled in the Middle Ages – at least in this form) is divided into several Quarters and we entered at the edge of the …

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Great day for Baseball

Saturday April 19 This was the first baseball game of the season for Cameron after several cancellations due to weather and wet pitches. It was also his first game in the PYO Diamond Reds uniform . He hit safely to first just once, stole second, then third and narrowly missed scoring when he just missed …

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Off to The Holy Land

April 2014. Shortly we will be leaving for a twelve day visit to Israel where we plan to stay in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This is our first visit to this country and we are excited about the many Biblical sites that we will see as well as experiencing the culture of the Middle …

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CCDS Girls beat Winton Woods at Fast Pitch

April 9, 2914. CCDS Girls scored their first win of the short season in a shutout against Winton Woods yesterday evening. The great pitching was supported by most of the team getting hits at bat and some alert plays in the field. Our granddaughter, Hayley, made several good plays at bat including a hit to …

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The True Arrival of Spring

April 6 2014. Spring finally arrived for us as the first bike ride of the season was undertaken Sunday afternoon. The bike had been readied (tires checked, gears oiled) in anticipation a few weeks back but a mixture of rain, snow, sleet, cold and wind kept the machine in the garage. However, Sunday morning was …

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