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England, June & July 2015

Greetings from England and the view from “our” living room window!   We are in our last week of a two month visit to Europe and are headed home next Monday (August 3). The majority of our time has been spent at our nephew’s apartment in Ilkley in Yorkshire but we have had three “side” …

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California to England, Christmas to New Year

We left home on December 20 to spend Christmas with Christopher, Cyndi and Samantha in California and then flew directly from there for New Year and a several weeks’ stay in England. We flew to San Francisco and were met by our California family and spent the weekend in the city. We had a fun …

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Returning Home

We are just a couple of days from the end of a 10+ week vacation during which we visited England, Israel and Russia. We left home on April 21 and then spent 10 days in Israel, visiting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and making side trips from each city. It was a remarkable experience and we …

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Three Americans in Yorkshire

To steal a line from Garrison Keillor: It’s been a slow two weeks here in Ilkley. Since I last posted, Molly has returned to Ilkley from her sibling reunion “Down South”, we have enjoyed meals out with family and friends, we have walked a little and cycled a little – and simply followed our normal …

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Le Tour et Le Moor

A couple of weeks ago I posted a description of a walk I had done on Ilkley Moor; a week ago, I talked about cycling on Le Tour de France route; this week it’s a little of both. On Wednesday I cycled just over 30 miles, virtually all of it on the route cyclists will …

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Le Tour

Saturday May 17   Friday and today have been absolutely gorgeous days here in Yorkshire so I finally got out on the bike to enjoy the scenery and the weather.   Ilkley is at Mile 23 on this year’s Tour de France cycle race and hence only about 45 minutes from Le Grand Depart. This …

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On Ilkley Moor without a hat

Sunday May 11, A walk on The Moor There’s a popular song about the region (Ilkley Moor) that we see every morning from “our” apartment in England – rain and mist permitting! It may be amusing (or indecipherable) to some but is presented here as an introduction to a beautiful walk that I took on …

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Ilkley Carnival, May 5 2014

We are now in England, staying in our nephew’s flat in the small Yorkshire town of Ilkley. Ilkley is a spa town and civil parish in West Yorkshire, in Northern England. Approximately 12 miles north of Bradford, the town lies mainly on the south bank of the River Wharfe in Wharfedale, one of the Yorkshire Dales. The parish has a population of around 16,000. Ilkley’s spa town heritage …

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