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Welcome to from Bob and Molly Hillery

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope that you enjoy what you see.

We would suggest that you check the ABOUT page for details of our plans for the site but, very briefly, we intend it as a means to let those with an interest see what we are doing (specifically in our travels) and as an archive for journals on our past trips. As such, the BLOGS page will hopefully replace the e-mails that we have used during our past trips and more detailed JOURNALS will be available. This latter is primarily for our own use (but anyone is welcome to access) and will, perhaps slowly, be populated with items that you may find of interest.

If you have any comments or suggestions you may contact us at


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Taiwan and Hong Kong, October 2017

Belated posts from our trip in October to Taiwan and Hong Kong. (They were sent via e-mail, but failed to get posted on the web site until now! Taiwan Blog Taiwan and Hong Kong – Blog 2

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Canyonlands, September 2017 (Las Vegas to San Francisco)

Here is the final post from our three weeks tour out west Canyonlands, September 2017 Blog 3

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Canyonlands, September 2017 (Denver to Grand Canyon

Here is the pdf of our second week of this trip during which we visited the Colorado National Monument, Arches, Zion and Bryce in Utah, and the Grand Canyon. Next we travel to Las Vegas and up he California coast to San Francisco. Canyonlands SEptember 2017. Blog 2

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Canyonlands, September 2017 (Salt Lake City to Denver)

Here is the pdf file of our first week out west, traveling with friends from England to cover five states, with an emphasis of the Canyons of Colorado, Utah and Arizona. Canyonlands Trip, Blog 1  

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